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How to clean Stainless Steel Appliances, Salt Lake City, Ogden, Provo

FingerPrint-Proof Stainless Steel

After purchasing brand new appliances, the first question most people ask is how to protect stainless steel appliances to keep everything looking just as new as the day they bought it. Unfortunately, life happens and dirty fingerprints and scratches are bound to be a problem. While most people resort to complicated methods that involve heavy-duty cleaners and buffing kits, Protect-N-Shine has developed a product that is by far the best stainless steel protector.

How to Protect Stainless Steel from Scratches

There are several how-to’s on removing scratches from stainless steel on the internet, but none of them make the promise of not only removing scratches from your stainless steel, but protecting stainless steel from future scratches. Protect-N-Shine is a great solution if you are sick of the hassle of stainless steel maintenance and want the easiest way to maintain your stainless steel appliance.

To use Protect-N-Shine, a professional comes and sprays a protective sealant over your stainless steel appliance which fills in all scratches and contours. Rather than having to worry about repairing future scratches on your stainless steel, Protect-N-Shine creates a sealant that will last 3-5 years. How many products do you know of that are both a stainless steel cleaner and a stainless steel protector in one?

How to Protect Stainless Steel from Fingerprints

Protect-N-Shine doesn’t just handle stainless steel scratch repair, it makes the daily cleaning of stainless steel so much simpler as well. Anyone that has children knows that those dirty hands are constantly touching everything they can get a hold of, including your brand new fridge. Wouldn’t it be great if you could fingerprint-proof your stainless steel appliance? Fortunately, Protect-N-Shine also helps to protect your stainless steel from fingerprints as well. All you have to do is take a micro-fiber cloth and quickly wipe down your stainless steel surface to make the appliance look good as new.  


With so many benefits, it’s definitely worth it to invest in the Protect-N-Shine sealant and protect your stainless steel from scratches, dirt, and fingerprints from the get-go.